Leo - Month 5

Weight:   13lbs 3oz, 25.25"
Nicknames: Wee-Woo, Leeman, Lee-Lee, Forest Boy
Clothes: You're mainly in 3-6mths and size 6mths. 
Sleep:  Biggest sleep change this month is that you are sleeping in your crib! One day, I woke up and told your dad, "Today was Leo's last day in the rock and play....and no more swaddle", and just like that, you were done. We moved you to the crib that night and you did great. I just felt like we were both ready - and you proved my mother's intuition correct! You go to bed around 7:15/7:30pm, and sleep until 6:00/6:30am

Schedule:  Biggest change this month is we are rocking two main naps...and maybe a cat nap if we are walking or in the car. It's going well buddy and I feel like we are in a great groove.
wake up at 6:30...
6:30am feed
6:30-8:45am play
8:45-10:45am nap
10:45-1:00  play (maybe cat nap if we are in the car)
1:00 pm feed 
1:00-2:30pm play
2:30-4:30pm nap
4:30pm feed
6:45pm bath
7:00pm bottle
7:30pm bed

Health: We are so thankful for your perfect health! 

Crying: You cry mainly when you're bored and want to move on to the next activity. You've also developed this funny/sad/strange/adorable pouting face and lately you've been doing it a lot.
Feeding:  You eat 5 times a day, and Dad gives you an 8oz bottle before bed. You've been exclusively breastfed, but I'm going to introduce some formula this month for your night bottle. 

Likes: You love to laugh and are generally a very happy, joyful baby. You love to be tickled, thrown into the air, and bounced all around. You love the baby classes we go to, you love your jimmy neutron rattle, and to put everythingggg into your mouth.
Dislikes: You don't like to be put into the car seat, but once we start moving, you're good. You don't like to do one thing for too long, so we stay pretty dang busy moving from thing to thing throughout the day.
Milestones:  You've found your feet and love to do the happy baby position whenever you can. You're working on sitting, talking up a storm, sleeping in your crib, and standing firm on your feet.
Places You’ve Gone:  My most favorite outing this month was the day trip we took to Santa Barbara. It's one of our favorite places, and your Dad and I had so much fun showing you all of our favorite spots. You went with the flow the entire day and had so much fun being outside and interacting with all of the friendly people we met. 
Visitors: You finally got to meet your cousin Sulley and Aunt Corie! They came to our house for a sleepover for our annual pizza making tradition. We had so much fun seeing the two of you cousins together!

Postpartum:  Still working on undoing some of that pregnancy damage. I'm running about twice a week, and I'm really looking forward to running with you in the jogging stroller. I think we will break that out this upcoming month and see how you do! 
Roscoe: You really like to watch what Roscoe is doing - and you think it's reallllly funny when I tell him to stop barking forty six times a day! 

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  1. He's growing up so much and he's just adorable! I love that he likes to be so busy! He will love facing out in the running stroller!!