High Tea

Ok, so I think we have found the most ideal baby shower/sprinkle location ever.

High Tea at The Peninsula hotel!

Our "book club" got together to celebrate Dawn's second baby - a girl! - on Sunday. Her and our friend Laura are both having C-sections on the exact same day next week, so our group will be growing quite a bit!

It was so lovely to spend a Sunday afternoon over tea, champagne, and an amazing tower of goodies. We had a harpist right behind our table, and I'm pretty sure we could've stayed at our table all night long.

 After we polished off our trays, we had Dawn open a few girly gifts to celebrate her upcoming addition. 

 Some of our husbands and babies hung out while we were busy - so it turned out to be a fun Sunday for everyone involved. 

And a perfect way to celebrate our two dear friends! 

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  1. That platter looks scrumptious! Growing up my grandma used to love to take us to high tea at our historic Jefferson Hotel...and it would certainly make for a great shower, idea!