Drew - Six Months Old

Weight: 13lbs 9oz (7%), 26" (51%), head is 42cm (41%)

Clothes: Still rocking mostly 3-6 months, along with size 6 months in anything Carters or Ralph Lauren which I find tends to run a little small. Size 2 diapers but we will be moving up to 3 when this box runs out.
Nicknames: Drewbie, Drew Drew, Sloopy, Princess
Sleep:  Another amazing month of night time sleep. Thank you for being so good to us in this department. You are consistently asleep from 6:30/6:45pm-6:30/6:45am. 
Schedule: I am SO much more lax with you than I was with Leo. It's honestly just impossible for us to have a strict morning schedule, and I'm just ok with that for this round.
6:30am- Feed
 8:30am- cat nap in the swing normally or if we are walking
8ish - Breakfast! We started you on Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes and will continue to introduce more foods this upcoming month. You're loving it but dang you're a mess.
10:30am- Feed
10:30-1:00pm - play/cat naps while we are out and about
12:30/1:00pm - Feed
1:30pm-3:30pm -Nap
3:45pm- Feed/play/bath
5:00pm-5:45pm- Cat nap 30% of the time
6:45pm-Feed and bed by 7:00pm
Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health
Crying:  You hardly fuss. You're such a good baby.
Feeding: We are nursing still, but I'm finding that you aren't always satisfied. Sometimes I'll offer  you a bottle after we nurse and you'll suck it down...so we've introduced formula and I've started to reduce my pumping too. I wouldn't be surprised if we start to drop a nursing feeding in the next month.

We also started you on food this month. A little early, but you were ready. You are loving your oatmeal and sweet potatoes and in the coming weeks we are going to introduce more foods as well as peanut butter. 

During the day, you will take anywhere from a 4-7oz bottle and at night before bed you take normally 8/9oz.
Likes: Everything? You are our MVP. You love rolling, bouncing in your little jumper, you love baths and swimming in the pool, you LOVE Leo and Roscoe, you love chewing on toys, going for walks, and eating. You love sucking your thumb too and I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

You're truly a delight and just love life.
Dislikes: You don't love your carseat. 
Milestones:  Besides eating you're getting really close to being a steady sitter. You sit for short periods at a time but I wouldn't call you sturdy quite yet. You make movements like you want to crawl which is kind of scaring me.
Places You’ve Gone: We took a roadtrip with your Mimi and Grandpa to Iowa for an overnight to visit with your cousins and my college girlfriends which was really fun.

Postpartum: I've seen a lower number this month, but still about 8/9 pounds to do. I'm playing tennis 4 times a week which has been SO much fun. I have a babysitter in the mornings and then I try to bike to our drill which has been so good for me mentally and physically. 

Leo: You think he is just the bees knees and he is really starting to enjoy showing off for you. He loves to make sure you are watching him when he is eating his apples, doing a swimming lesson, or walking down the stairs. The only issue we are running into is that you like to grab his long, blonde curls, and he is not a fan of that! 

I honestly do not know how these months are flying by at such a wickedly fast pace, but I love every single second I get to spend with you Drew and you truly bring so much joy to our family.

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