Drew - Month 8

Weight: Your last weight check was at 6 months, and while I don't think you've gotten tons bigger, my guess would be about 15lbs?
Clothes: Still rocking mostly 3-6 months and 6 months...although now in Gap clothes you are in 6-12 months. You are wearing a size 3 diaper now too. 
Nicknames: Drewbie - and it's almost what Leo calls you primarily which we find to be the cutest thing ever.
Sleep:  Same as last month - you're a great sleeper. I would say you pretty much do 7pm-7am. Naps are all over the place but I sort of don't care. You started waking up closer to 6am this month, and we decided to up your last bedtime bottle to 9oz, and you went right back to sleeping in until 7:30ish.

Schedule: Our mornings are still a little all over the place. It'll be interesting to see how you line up with Leo's school schedule, but for this past month its looked like:
7am - Bottle #1
8:00am - breakfast
  9:30- nap
11am- Bottle #2
10:30-1:00pm - play/cat naps/lunch while we are out and about
  2pm-Bottle #3
2:30pm-4:30pm -Nap
4:45pm- Feed/play/bath
5:45pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Bottle #4
7pm - Bed
Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health. 
The only thing that affected us (again) this month, was your intolerance to oats. I had been avoiding oatmeal but a fruit and veggie pouch that we gave you had oat flour in it, and you had the same violent reaction to it.  

I'm hesitant to introduce grains to you, but we did try quinoa and quinoa flour and you've done great with it - which I'm SO relieved about. Rice is next!
 Crying:  You are the easiest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever been around. Honestly.
Feeding: New foods this month have also included eggs and greek yogurt - both of which you love! All fruits and veggies gone really well too - and we've really started to prefer the brand "BeechNut", which I never served to Leo.

Likes: Dog food bowls, cords, and shoes.
Dislikes: Oatmeal.
Milestones:  You are sitting and pulling to stand as well. You are small but mighty! You've been having a lot of fun with your little activity table and could stand and play with it for 20 minutes.
You also started clapping this month when we sing "If your happy and you know it". You love to dance and wiggle - as soon as any song comes on, and I'm PRETTY positive you're saying mama. 

You are scooting for majority of the time - and you're fast! - but you will also get up on all fours and classic crawl for a few a seconds too.
Places You’ve Gone: You took your first trip this month - back to Los Angeles, California. It was so fun to introduce you to all of our friends and family there, and you were a great little traveler. You were a champ with the airplane ride, and were a happy clam the entire time we were away. We leave next week for your next trip to Colorado so you're a busy little traveler lately!
Postpartum: Ending breastfeeding has gotten me an inch or two closer to pre-pregnancy life. Still about 7 pounds to go.
Leo: You light up when you see him, love playing with him, and even put up with him constantly grabbing whatever you're holding. 

And today is extra special, because you share your 8 month birthday, with your daddy's 31st birthday.

You have your dad wrapped around your finger, and we all love the BOTH of you SO much.


  1. Happy birthday Joel! And happy 8 months beautiful girl!

  2. Can’t believe she’s already 8 months! I’ll have the remember that adding the extra ounce tip when the time comes! Happy birthday to Joel!