Drew - Month 10

Weight: 18lbs 5oz at 9.5 months - we went in for a sick visit for a fever virus 10 days after your 9mth appointment and you had gained over 2 pounds in 10 days! 
Clothes: You are in 9mth, and 6-12 months, shoes are a size 1 and diapers we have moved up to a 4.
Nicknames: Drewbie, Drewbs, and Drewbo.
Sleep: This month you cut your top two teeth and we felt it. You would whine and cry at night and a few nights for two weeks I would have to go into your room to rock you back to sleep. 

Schedule: Nothing major has changed with your schedule this month 

6:55am - We wake you up most mornings with an 8oz bottle
7:30am - breakfast
  9:00am- nap
10:15am- Have to wake you
11am- Bottle #2
10:30-1:00pm - play & lunch while we are out and about
  1:00pm - 3:00pm - Nap
3:15/3:30pm - Bottle #2.5 (trying to phase this out) but you're getting a half bottle for the time being
3:30-5pm - play/bath
5:30pm- Dinner -  I try to feed you while Leo is watching a show, and then when we all sit down at dinner, you will sit with us and chew on a MumMum or some yogurt/veggie melts
6:30pm-Bottle #3
7pm - Bed
Health:  You had a fever for 4 days that made me a little nervous - with no other symptoms of a cold. It very well could have been a result of your teeth, but on the fourth day I wanted to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. Everything checked out perfectly and by day 5 it was gone!

You had a perfect 9 month well check and received your flu shot as well!
 Crying:  It remains true - you are the easiest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever been around. Honestly.
Feeding: You LOVE to eat. Your entire body starts to bounce when we sit you in the high chair. You can put down a TON of food too - people are constantly shocked! You eat 3 full meals a day and haven't been overly picky about anything - although now, you really do not like pouches and much prefer to feed yourself. 

Favorite foods have been - turkey, cheese, cottage cheese, any fruit, hummus, and eggs!
Least favorite foods have been - Avocados and anything in a pouch!
Likes: You like anything you can climb on. This month you started climbing on our windows and you love to look out. You love music, your brother, putting things into your mouth that you shouldn't (like an alive stink bug that you quickly chomped and killed!), and things that you can bang. 
Dislikes: You have started to really tell Leo when you dislike something he does, which is pretty funny!
Milestones:  You are taking some steps with a walker, cruising on furniture, waving at everyone on command, you cut your top two teeth, and will give AMAZING kisses.

Places You’ve Gone: We have been home all month visiting every pumpkin patch in Northwest Illinois ;) 

Postpartum: No changes for me this month (ugh!). Still 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I know I'm going to need to do a Whole 30 or something pretty serious to get them to budge.
Leo:  He loves you. He loves your company and making you laugh, and he has started to also really enjoy being the older brother and telling you the rules, or repeating me if I tell you "no". He takes his job very seriously!

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  1. She is such a little doll! I love how she is telling Leo when she is annoyed by something he is doing. That's hilarious, and it must be so cute to see the two of them interact.