Christmas at School + Our Teacher Gifts

I loved celebrating Leo's first Christmas at school. 

For weeks they would be pretty "secretive" about the songs they were practicing for their big performance - so I had a feeling something pretty darn cute was in the works. 

On Wednesday morning, my mom, Drew, and I, headed to the school to watch the cuties do their thing.

All of the kids did so great - they sang like 4 or 5 songs - and I was so excited and proud to watch Leo.

He wasn't the loudest, and was normally about a line or two behind everyone, but he did so great and was so proud of himself when it was over.



We took pictures, decorated some cute crafts, and then had snacks before the day was over. I brought little snowman cheese sticks which was a super easy, and somewhat healthy themed snack.

Image result for snowman cheese sticks

For the teachers, I worked with a local friend who pours honey to make them each little honey jars as a thank you for the year. 

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