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Weight: 19lbs 15oz (49%), 29.25" (43%), head is 45cm (48%)

Clothes: You are pretty much in everything that is 12mth and even a few shirts that are 12-18mth. Your shoes are a 3, and diapers are a 4.
Nicknames: Drewbie, Drewbs, and Drewbo.
Sleep: You were a great sleeper this month. I'm kind of ready to start thinking about dropping your morning, but we'll see when we commit to that change.

Schedule: Nothing major has changed.
6:55am - We wake you up most mornings with an 8oz bottle
7:30am - breakfast
  9:00am- nap
10:15am- Have to wake you
11am- Bottle #2 
10:30-1:00pm - play & lunch while we are out and about
  1:00pm - 3:00pm - Nap
3:15/3:30pm - Bottle #2.5 (trying to phase this out) but you're getting a half bottle for the time being
3:30-5pm - play/bath
5:30/6pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Bottle #3
7pm - Bed
Health:  You got a virus this month that I took you in for. I thought for sure it was the flu - you vomited, looked like CRUD, cough, runny nose, and high fever, but it wasn't....and you were back to yourself in just about 2 day. You've had a runny nose and cough this week too, but not really sick....just a little gross ;) 

Otherwise, we are so thankful for your perfect health sweet thing and I'm so glad to be going into winter this year with you as a 12 month old and not 12 hour old!
 Crying:  It remains true - you are the easiest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever been around -BUT - you now know how to work your crying. When Leo swipes a toy from you, your go-to is to scream and cry - and it honestly works like a charm for you, so I can't fault you. 
Feeding: You've been a big eater this month. I try to balance out your meals with a carb, protien, fruit and veggie. Breakfast looks like eggs, bagels or bread with fruit or yogurt.

Lunches are often deli meat, cheese, avocados, berries, bananas, apple sauce and crackers.

Dinners are normally what we eat deconstructed - lots of beans, ground turkey, chicken, salmon, sweet potato, broccoli, or whatever else we are eating for that night.

You're still working on your sippy cup for water.
Likes: You like to get into trouble my friend. You like putting EVERYTHING into your mouth, climbing up stairs, pulling on drapes, pulling on toilet paper, trying to eat the dogs food and splashing in toilets.
Dislikes: Yous still don't like getting your diaper changed or your clothes changed and you HATE the nose frida. 
Milestones:  You are ready to walk, but seem a bit nervous. The most steps you've gone is about 6 or 7 and you did it about two weeks ago when we were at play group. Here and there since then you will do 2 or 3 steps. If we are holding your finger or both fingers, you are a strong walker. You love walking with walkers and standing up at anything you can. 
You learned "How big is Drewbie" this month, and will talk and repeat often. The noises you are making this month have been more and more clear and you are sometimes following simple instructions like "stop" or "Sit down". 
Places You’ve Gone: No where really but we made it down to the city for Lincoln Park Zoo Lights and celebrated your first Thanksgiving.
Postpartum: 2 pounds! I was really hoping I would hit the number by your first birthday, but I feel like I'm close enough, and I may just take a break from the scale and start hard at it again in the new year.
Leo:   The two of you are best friends - he told me the other day that you are his favorite girl in the whole world - and its true. You're both your happiest selves when you are together. 


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