Five on Friday

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Last week I took both kids to the public library for story time with Mrs. Claus. Both kids did pretty well. Leo gets a lot of anticipation anxiety at ::events like that, but once Mrs. Claus was reveled, he was able to relax and enjoy the little performance. And thankfully, we meet a lot of my girlfriends so that adds to the fun. 


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On Monday night, Leo was telling us that he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed. He's always had his big boy bed in his room (pictures to come....hopefully), but he's never expressed any interest in making the change. He's been SUCH a good crib sleeper, I didn't want to rock the boat, but since potty training didn't go great and everyone says for these big changes to "wait until they're ready", I figured I'd better capitalize on his request. The next morning, we went to Target to let him pick out his own pillowcase (Moana, of course), and we haven't looked back since. 
I'm hoping we continue this trend, but it's been a VERY simple transition thus far (Leo is 3y3mth) and just today I took his crib out of his room, so there is no going back.

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I may have mentioned this in one of Drew's monthly updates - but this girl has a super not fun, oatmeal allergy. She violently throws up if she eats any trace of oatmeal or oat flour, so trying other flours was really scary for me. We started slow, with quinoa flower, and then brown and white rice, and recently went for wheat - and she passed with flying colors! 

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Two weeks ago, Joel and I attended our first little charity event here in Crystal Lake - Christmas at the Dole. We went with my parents, some of my parents friends, and a lot of our friends and had such a fun night. I don't mind any excuse to dress up and indulge in champagne - so I was pretty easy to please! 

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So, I try to not fall prey to too many things that bloggers shill - BUT, Liz Adams (from Hello Adams Family blog) posted about this Living Proof volumizing spray, and its SO good. 

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I have really fine, thin hair and don't really know how to do hair all that well, but this stuff is MAGIC. It lifts, and holds, and it feels so good when you spray it on! I bought the travel size from Amazon for $11 to try it out, and for sure, I'll be buying the bigger bottle when this thing runs out. A really great stocking stuffer too if you need any ideas! 

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  1. You live that CL life and I'm so here for it. That party at The Dole looked amazing. And I love the idea of marking the big boy bed milestone with a trip to pick out his own pillowcase! How sweet is that? Storing that nugget away. That's the stuff childhood is made from.