Drew - Month 18

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Weight: 24.3lbs (71%), 80% for height

Clothes: You are pretty much in 18-24mth, and omg 2t. Size 4/5 shoes, size 5 diapers 

Nicknames: Drewbie, Drewbs, and Drewbo, DD, "princessa" 

Sleep: You are officially down to just 1 nap a day - but days when we are home during the morning - you struggle a bit and literally ask to go "ni ni" before I'd like you to ;) 

6:45-7:45am - You wake up normally between here. I think we are officially done with bottles. Daddy one day just stopped giving it to you, and because I can't focus on it too much because it makes me sad, we are just going with it. 
8am - breakfast with milk cup 4-6oz
11:30am - lunch 
1pm - 2:30/3pm - Nap
3:15 - snack
3:30-5pm - play
5:30/6pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Mike Cup, normally 4-6ox
7pm - Bed

Health:  We are working through a stomach bug/cold situation at our house. You started it, and Leo got it way worse, but yours is sticking around with more cold like symptoms - so who the heck knows. You got shots a few days ago, your cutting all 4 of your eye teeth, so it could be a mixture of everything. 

 Crying: You are in the thick of tantrums if you don't get what you want, when you want it. We all find it pretty hilarious (#2ndChildProblems), which seems to aggravate you even more! 

Feeding: You're a pretty good eater. You love to snack - you like your own snack cup, separate from Leo, which is pretty funny....but you also love throwing and dumping your snacks whenever you get a chance - which also drives me a bit nuts! 

Breakfast is normally banana, hard boiled eggs, and toast. Lunch is normally apple sauce and chicken nuggets, and dinners are whatever we are eating deconstructed or whatever Leo is eating. 

Likes: You are a wild woman. You love Leo. Anything he does makes you laugh, and you want to copy. It's pretty amazing to watch. You LOVE books (especially chatbooks), you love music and dancing, you love running, you love being outside, you love bubbles, people, holding hands, pulling glasses off of peoples faces, holding your babies, and dogs. 

Dislikes: Being told no, not getting what you want, having things taken from your hands.

Milestones: Your words are starting to flow! I love it! We are just about at the stage where a new word will pop out every day a surprise us. You can say "thank you", and new words lately have been "cheese", "yes", "barbie", "cracker", "uh-oh", "weeeee" "coco" "hannah", "gigi".......gosh, I forgot what else, but its been pretty cool. 

Places You’ve Gone: No where new this month.

Leo: Probably the biggest joy of my life is watching you two together. I love the knowing looks you give each other, how you both amp each other up for fun - and for trouble. I love that you bang on his door, try to keep up with him, and play with his toys. I love that you try to impress him - it's all such a joy. 


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