Brain dump

  • Have you ever had TheraFlu? Umm...gross. Thinking about it is making me a wee bit nauseous. You have to drink it warm, and within ten minutes so there is really no goofing around. I end up treating it like a mission. I warm up the concoction, get a box of wheat thins and a glass of water and sit down at my dinner table. I take a big gulp of the meds, some water, and then enter in a wheat thin. I have to do this about ten times before it's all done. It kind of reminds me of taking vodka shots in college. 
  • I'm going back to work tomorrow after 3 days of sitting on the couch. I'm anxious to go back to a full inbox, lots of paperwork, and probably quite a few messes I need to pick up. And yet, I'm excited to leave my house for the whole day tomorrow! I just hope I have the energy to make it through.
  • I'm also pretty excited about that the fact that today is Thursday.
  • While we're on the topic of feelings...I'm feeling a wee bit guilty that I took off 2.5 sick days this week, and I'm leaving for Kentucky next weekend, so I'll be taking next Friday off. Not my style to take off so much work in the same month, but....oh well! Work is not my #1 life priority so it'll just have to understand.
  • I have watched so much TV this week I think I've killed 1/12 of my brain cells. My first day home sick I was actually excited to go through my dvr and catch up on old shows. As soon as I burned though that it was live tv for me. There is seriously nothing on during the day....I watched a freaking marathon of extreme couponing...which like TheraFlu...is making me nauseous.
  • When you are sick you have a greater sense of empathy for those who battle chronic illnesses. My appreciation for good health is always increased after being sick. 
  • Being home alone on the couch all day is so lonley and quiet. I kind of feel like I could lose my mind if I was forced to do this for any longer amount of time. Again....I have a greater appreciation for women who get put on bed rest of months at a time. After about a week, it can't be very fun at all.
  • The movie 50/50 looks so sad - I don't know who could ever see that movie. 
  • I do not understand the new changes to facebook
  • I couldn't tell you the last time I went out to the bars with my friends. I think it was probably for Joel's birthday which was August 21st. I don't think I'm missing anything.
  • Joel and I are planning a stay at home date on Saturday night. I have a craving to bake.
  • While I was stuck on the couch I scheduled all of Joel and my doctors appointments for the next few months. My dentist can't see me until January 28th and Joel's doctor can't see him until December 1st. I feel like we are going to the Missoni for Target equivalent of doctors.
  • I'm so much more of a fall dresser, I love being able to wear boots, leggings, scarves, sweaters, etc. It makes me a very happy girl. 
  • I hate to sound like everyone else...but seriously....September is over? How?
well, if I keep this window open any longer I think I'm going to have a list a mile long. Can you tell I've been home by myself with no one to talk to?


  1. I hope you are feeling better and blahhh I hate swallowing things... I love your method of having a water and cracker chaser for each sip.

  2. Great post. And, I have to agree with you about the whole going to the bars thing. You aren't missing anything. I often think that as well. Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

  3. I've never had TheraFlu before and after reading this.. I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to take it. Sounds yucky.

    Isn't it funny how during long days at work you want nothing more than to be home on the couch, yet when you're actually stuck there it's the worst thing in the world? I never understood that haha. Hope you're feeling better! And tomorrow is Friday - woohooooo!!

    Also, please bake something good and share it with us. Thanks. :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better lady!!

    I am the same way with being sick/at home...its great for about the first four hours and then your run out of tv. Not fun.