What I'm Loving:

Our new HP Pad! This is one fancy touchpad, and I'm so happy to call it mine ours. HP is not selling the touchpad any longer, but since Joel works in technology sales he was able to scoop one up before they were all long gone.

The fact that I'm going to Kentucky to visit my sister Nellie (check out her blog: ) in October. I love having trips to look forward to, and this one will be great. It's going to be a weekend getaway with the whole fam. I really haven't spent much time in Kentucky so I'm excited to check out Lexington and see how my sister is really living in college.

The cooler temps. In case you missed my earlier post on my fall obsessions, I'm really loving the cool air. I like to have the windows open in the house and go to sleep with fresh air blowing in my room....plus I like the coziness of extra blankets to keep you warm.

Our team spirit in the form of M&M's. Except that we keep eating them....this used to be a full bowl.

My manicure color this week: Essie's Spaghetti Strap. It's such a pretty neutral and would make a very pretty wedding day color.

And finally, these pintrest images:

 I hope you've found a few things to love this week too.


  1. adorbs! i loooove this post!!! im soooo ready for fall!!!

  2. I'm a new follower :) I live in Lexington, and I love it. Since you are coming in October, you should go to Keeneland.

  3. Please teach me how to use that darned touchpad! John picked one up to and I think I might sneak some time on it when he's not looking! I would love to see if there are any cooking apps!

  4. It's funny, as much as I love the summer and feel like I look forward to it as soon as the first snow falls - I always enjoy the fall. It's so pretty with all the changing leaves and nothing beats being able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt with flip flops!

    And thank you for introducing me to another Essie color that I think I need. :)