pulled the plug

...and finally ordered the much talked about Erin Condren Life planner.

I couldn't get my head around spending $50 dollars for an organizer, no matter how cute, and I had pretty much given up hope. That is, until a sweet message popped up in my twitter.

My shipping was even a little cheaper, so my total came to a whopping $29 bucks. Now that, I can deal with.

I can't wait for October 4th when this pretty little thing will be making its way into my life.

p.s. Thank you again to Miss Blondie - and check out her blog, she's (obviously) a doll!


  1. HAHA I love this! You are so welcome! I was just passing along a code that was passed on to me! I can't wait to get mine too! :)

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  2. So jealous I didn't get to use that code. Boo.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh I've been wanting to order one, so I'm thrilled that you posted this code! I'm totally getting one tonight!

  4. I used that code too! :) Yay for our new EC planners.