Fall Bucket List

Put a personal touch on some pumpkins and decorate with them

Go to a pumpkin patch 

Host a book club meeting

Upgrade my fall wardrobe

Invest in good boots

Bake fall goodies for my co-workers

Bake fall treats and bring them to friends and family in the neighborhood

Meet my new baby cousins and prepare a treat for their whole family

Cook dinner with new recipes

Try navy blue for an upcoming manicure

Give a Pumpkin Spiced Latte one more shot 

Order new magazine subscriptions

Run a race

    All of this to be completed by December 1st. 

    I'm setting up post to check in on myself half way though to keep me accountable. All of these things will add to a great fall, and there is no better time to start improving myself than today.


    1. Those are some good goals, good luck! :)

    2. You've got a great list here! :)

    3. Your list looks similar to mine! Ive seen so many yummy pumpkin/fall desserts this week in blogworld...Im dying to make something!

      Im on the hunt for boots...it seems to be a never ending one.

    4. this a fantastic list! are those snickerdoodle cookies? they look delicious!