Happy Hour

Last night I went out with two girlfriend (I actually have friends here!!!) for a much needed girls night out. 

We started our night at The Abbey in West Hollywood. It's a well known gay bar/club but it's got a great patio and pretty good drink specials so we went for it.

We were going to have dinner there but the wine was yuck and the place smelled a bit like moldy beer. We walked down the block (Robertson) and stumbled upon Sur (Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant).

The main restaurant is a beautiful, classy spot with a seemingly strong menu.  None of us were in the mood for a full sit down meal - and it was a little quiet for the 3 of us - who were about 4 drinks in at this point.

 Luckily, if you're not feeling a white table cloth dinner, they have another option for you: Sur Lounge. 

You walk through the restaurant and are taken outside to their heated patio. The vibe and decor are really well done, and you instantly feel at ease. It's all candlelit, lots of water features, and great music playing at just the right volume.  Our server couldn't have been more lovely, and the bar menu was healthy and semi fairly priced.
I went with the chopped arugula salad which was divine.
I would say their only fail is their embarrassing website....
That was our gorgeous server Kristen from Michigan

Overall, if you ever visit LA Sur Lounge will not disappoint!


  1. This place look soo cool! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. haha Kristen. Thats funny how shes on the website. Which one hooked up with Brandi's hubby pre Lee Ann Rimes? Looks like a super fun time!