2 things to try

 SoulCycle Union Square

The good:
-It's a fast workout at only 45 minutes
-You burn up to 600 calories
-The music is loud and fast
-The lights are off so no one can see you a. sweating profusely and b. failing at the dance moves
-It's total a total body workout 
-You leave feeling pumped up, happy, competent, and energized

The bad:
-It's pricey, and you have to rent shoes
-Being a newbie, there are "dance" moves that you don't know and can't keep up with
-It's really hard to clip your shoes in and out of the bike!

2. This recipe

The good:
-It's creamy, cheesy, and healthy
-Super easy to make
-Easy to find ingredients
-It's got 165 calories per serving
-Makes great leftovers
-Is as close to pasta as this girl is getting right now

The bad:
-There is flour, so it's not 100% carb free
-It's hard to stop at just one serving

Bonus points for doing both in one day!
You'll thank me!


  1. Not gonna lie.... there is zero change I ever try Soul Cycle. It terrifies me. That and the closest one is probably an hour away.

    Phew, I'm safe.

  2. I saw that recipe and wanted to try it!! It looks amazing. Im having trouble finding spag. squash this time of year. I need to go to Whole Foods.

  3. IS there a link to the recipe? Looks delish!

  4. That recipe looks delicious! Now if only I could get Sean to eat Spaghetti squash.

  5. I have taken a couple Soul Cycle classes and love it! It is expensive so it's something I can't do all the time, but it's a nice treat every once in awhile.

  6. I have been really wanting to make that spaghetti squash recipe! I think it need to be added to my meal plan!