"THAT" day.

We all have um, right?

It just seems that I have those days like every friggen week lately.

Yesterday, after I worked out at the office, I decided to drive back home around 3 to finish up the day at home. I had the bright idea to stop at the grocery store "really quick" to pick up some essentials. Well, Trader Joes didn't have the essentials I needed (spaghetti squash), so I had to make another stop at Bristol Farms - which means, at this point, I'm starving beyond belief.

While I was there, Joel asked if I could pick up his dry cleaning that was across the street.

By the time I got home at 3:45 - absolutely famished, only have eaten two eggs at 7am and clocked in three miles and weights. I was about ready to bite somebody.

Instead of me, my dog almost did the honors.

And who was that someone that Roscoe decided to act a fool in front of?

My friggen property manager.

Roscoe is an anxious dog (like mother, like son) and when we leave the house, he gets really freaked out. If people bend down to pet him, he normally runs behind my legs to hide. This time though, he lunged at this woman and honestly tried to bite her. He's never done anything like that and it freaked all three of us out.

Joel and I have to make expensive and quick decisions to rectify this issue immediately - because having a dog that is willing to nip is totally unacceptable for me.  Dog behaviorists are expensive and time consuming, and there is a risk that they don't work., but what are our options? The doctor we are currently looking at charges $250 by the hour.

Roscoe is the most loving dog I've ever had...but, when strangers approach, I can't trust his behavior. And, I get worried about what would happen if we had a baby? Would he love on it like he loves us?

If you have any recommendations - I'm open. I'm pretty sure the dog behaviorist is in our future but the nearest appointment available is mid-march.

So seriously.....

Thank God for Tequila.


  1. Sorry to hear that about Roscoe! You should read Inside of a Dog (Alexandra Horowitz). I'm reading it now and feel so much closer to my dog now! Maybe Roscoe's behavior could be remedied by picking him up when he is meeting new people and allowing them to extend their hand to let him sniff and actually "meet" them. The book may have better advice that I haven't gotten to yet but there is a chapter on sniffing that I just finished so now I feel like this is the answer to every problem... good luck!! :)

  2. Oh no!! That's just the worst. I'm prescribing you a bottle of wine and a Dog Whisperer marathon on TV.

  3. Oh no! I think you are so very smart to be practive. My friend has the sweetest dog. She randomly nipped at a stranger walking by their house while she was in the front yard. The person filed charges and the Memphis government made her send the dog to some type of required obedience school! Pricey too! I also worry about Cooper and our future kids too! Keep us posted.

  4. I worry about Sammy when we start having kids too, since he's not a big fan of them. However, when he met our friends baby, he was fine. So weird.

    Obviously, when he acts out like he shouldn't, he gets punished real quick and hard. So that he knows we mean business and he shouldn't act like that. He knows when to be afraid of his Momma. ;)

    I would recommend taking him out more in public so he can get used to being around other people. And to also have friends come over and give him a treat first thing. Also be sure to let people sniff them first instead of diving right in to pet him.

  5. That really stinks about Roscoe! Hopefully you guys can get him to work on that behavior so it doesn't happen in the future. Not fun. :(

  6. has he been fixed? thats sort of a weird question but maybe that would help if he hasnt. of course, im no dog expert but if he has i would def do the training with a professional! so sorry about all of this but im sure you can get him back on track! xx.

  7. I think you're wise to handle it now, though it's unfortunate that it needs to be done to begin with. Are there any other alternatives to a behaviourist?