Friday Thoughts

 Sunny day in LA

The weather these last few days in LA has been glorious! We are back in the sunny, 70's and I've been keep my windows open and getting outside for runs as ofter as I can. I'm starting to wonder how I will be able to handle the long, gray, cold winters once I move outta here! Thankfully, we're here for a while!

For Christmas I got two monogrammed goodies (with my soon-to-be last name). My Marley Lilly scarf order from my sister Nellie got here right on time and I just ADORE it!


My other monogrammed goodie, from Max & Chloe, one of those great gold necklaces, is still not here. And that's not even the kicker. Joel ordered it for me on 11/29 with a guaranteed delivery date before Christmas. HA! Can you believe that? I will never shop from this site, ever, ever again and I would highly suggest you find someone else to do your necklace too if you're in the market.

I am still obsessing over my Save the Date and almost want to marry it more than Joel! ;)


My house is dying for some spring cleaning and organizing so on Saturday, Joel and I have a plan to pull out some booze, crank up the music and get some serious drunk cleaning going. Which, if you have to clean, that sounds like the best way to do it.

Shelf Dividers  Closet separators using upside down shelf brackets Shelf Dividers    Stacks of shirts, folded linens, and other closet items often need help to keep from toppling into disarray. Wooden shelf brackets used as dividers do the job nicely ~
We don't have many more exciting plans beyond that - some runs and hikes since my next 10k is 3 weeks away and hopefully a little shopping too!

Happy Weekend


  1. Your scarf is so cute and I am so jealous of your monogrammed necklace I've wanted one forever but I know baby girl would just yank it off! Your save the dates are beautiful!! Hope you are enjoying that sunshine:)

  2. Ahhhh your save-the-date has me crazy jealous. The weather here is so crummy I just want to wait until spring to get them taken - but then the pics will be too late for save-the-dates (and then do I really even need them? up for debate.). So, clearly, WOE IS ME on this lovely Friday.

    I told Mr. RH we were taking some easy pics to try and use on a collage save-the-date, but then he's been puking for the past few days and has an afro which he refuses to cut if I ask him to.

    My fiancee is a prince. Smack.

  3. Love low love the save the dates!!!

  4. Oops that's supposed to say love love love haha

  5. Why is that my attempts at drunk cleaning never work out? It turns in to drunk tv watching/ twittering EVERY time.
    Also, when I saw you post a picture of the scarf I seriously wanted to comment on instagram asking if it was w. your new initials but I wasn't sure if that was rude in case your sister got it with your maiden name. lol Long story short, I love it and your soon to be monogram! ;)

  6. That stinks about your necklace! I will definitely be staying away from them should I ever get one.

    And I love your save the date too! So cute!!!

  7. Your save the date is amazing! Love the picture with the navy font! You will be a gorgeous bride!

  8. Your Save the Dates are WONDERFUL! I love them too! Great photo - the mist/fog is just dreamy!