Weekend Report

On Friday while I was on the road, I made a quick pit stop at World Market just to browse. We have been in dire need of adding two chairs to our dining room set and I'd been getting emails from WM that there was a major sale going on. I spent an hour in that freaking store trying to pick the winners, but I finally settled on these:

I would love to show you how fierce they look in my house, but Friday afternoon my phone completely fried out.  Last week a waitor spilled wine on my phone, and it finally fizzled to the point of no return.

They are going to replace it, but they have to file an insurance claim, so I'm waiting to talk to their insurance people before I go and buy a new one. Being phoneless & cameraless is not fun.

Friday night we had a few friends over and discovered that the combination of red wine and tequila is a horrendous one - especially the next morning.


We still managed to do a total house spring cleaning, which I counted as my workout - and by that point I was feeling good enough to have a few mimosa's on our patio and enjoy the stunning LA weather that was delivered to us this weekend.

On Sunday, Shelby and I got back to Westridge Canyon and clocked in another 4 miles. We were both still feeling a little fuzzy from our Friday night antics, but we got it done and it helped cap the weekend on a better foot.

After the run we went a registry event that was being hosted at Bloomingdales in Century City. They had a bunch of LA vendors for local brides, and since I'm getting married in Chicago, we just browsed the china, sampled some of the goodies, and stalked a little on "Mr. Sheee Sheee Sheee".
I'm going to really keep a close eye on food and workouts this week. I've been feeling frustrated since I got back from Mexico, and haven't seen any serious results, so I'm upping the ante this week. With a tapas party to look forward to on Thursday, I'm hoping I can keep myself hungry in check until then.



  1. You accomplished waaay more than I did on my weekend off. I'm so bad.

    Sad about your phone though, that blows!

  2. Love the new chairs!

    I have to kick it up myself as well. I've been slacking since NYE.

  3. I recently went to World Market and got a bunch of stuff during this sale! I love the unique pieces they have! Great chairs!

  4. Hope the phone issue gets resolved. At least you got some gorgeous chairs!