Friday 4....

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Do you get a flu shot? I've had a few back in college when I was working in an infant nursery, but I've gone years without one since. My good friend is pregnant and asked me to go with her for moral support, and I figured I may as well get one while I was there too. We went last night, it's pretty painless, and I did some research and it seems we all should be getting them. Not even so much for ourselves, but for our neighbors, grandparents, and strangers around us that may not be able to handle it like we could. A sore arm for a day is a small price to pay.

We picked our Christmas card. Since I was 14 I've been thinking about the day that I send out my own families Christmas cards, so it was a big deal. I ended up using a picture of the wedding, and a very simple design, but I'm anxiously checking the mailbox everyday to see them in person. 

I didn't use any of these, but - how cute??
a very cute idea for your first married Christmas card! | Amy Arrington #wedding
Merry Marry Christmas Holiday Photo Cards - Newlywed Christmas Photocards by Lauren Chism Fine Papers  #holiday #newlywed #first #married #christmas #wedding
Newlywed Holiday Christmas Photo Cards  5x7 by blushprintables, $15.00

Speaking of Christmas cards, how do display yours? Last year I straight up taped them on the wall....but I'm wondering if there is a cuter way to do it...I'm kind of loving this look.
Christmas Card Display


After work today I'm going to visit The Grove which is always decked out in the best Christmas decorations of anywhere in LA. Joel and I are going to make some pizza and hang at home. On Saturday, after a Soul Survivor class - some of my girlfriends and I are going to The Tasting Kitchen for a GNO in Venice. Should be a fun one! 


  1. I like that Christmas card hanging idea. I made one with ribbon and clothespins to hang on a door. We'll see how it looks. Have a great weekend!

  2. Cant wait to see how your Christmas card turns out! I'm heading to spin in the morning as well, gotta work out off the wine that could be consumed over the weekend! Have a great weekend love!

  3. I got my flu shot on Tuesday!

    My mom hangs a wide grosgrain ribbon from the ceiling or from a door frame and staples all the cards on it.

  4. I can't wait till the day we do christmas cards!

  5. I am going to go get my flu shot today - I knew there was something I needed to do, thanks for the reminder! :D

    I am over from Kelly's Korner and although I am not a LA blogger, I thought that I would check out your blog. I have visited LA but never lived there and I thought that it would be a nice departure to read something that is not from the South. I love your blog and am your newest follower. :D

  6. I have to get the flu shot for work and I've been putting it off! My coworkers said it hurt like hades this year! Those Christmas cards are so cute! Thanks for reminding me I need to order mine!

  7. I am so with you on the flu shots! I already had mine this year and it was painless. I am one of those people that thinks that it is our civic duty to get one! But I work in the wellness field so I maybe a little bit biased!

  8. 1) I got a flu shot when my mom was sick, and then a 5 year break, and then last year when SIL had twins early during the winter.... I'm getting it again this year for BFF's baby. I wish more people (who are plenty healthy) would get them. I think it would cut down on the ick so much for EVERYONE.

    2) I haven't started on our Xmas cards yet because I JUST got the pics back... gosh, I don't know how to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3) I made a little clip-ribbon thing for Mr. RH for Christmas last year (for a little Xmas gift I'll have to get around to posting this year!). Think I'll reuse it this year!

    Happy Friday!

  9. I'm required to get my flu shot due to working at a hospital, but before that I wouldn't get one simply because I wasn't one of those that are highly suggested to get one. But that was my opinion after being in nursing school.

    I love the Christmas card idea! Past couple years I've been taking ribbon and stringing it on our cabinets to display.

    Can't wait to see yours! It was hard this year for us since our first year I used our wedding pic and second year I used our new house. Now it's like "which REGULAR pic do I want to use?!" haha

  10. I hang pieces of craft rope up and use clothes pins to display Christmas cards. Gives a rustic, simplistic feel but looks cute. I hang vertically to get more cards in various areas.

  11. I love that idea to make a Christmas card garland! When I was little my mom used to cover the door frame that went into the kitchen with cards galore, it was always so exciting for my sister & I to open the cards and find a spot to stick them on.
    oh holiday magic.
    Now I usually just put them on the fridge but I think I'll get more creative this year. As a newlywed I'm so excited to pick one of our wedding pictures for our first Christmas cards...on my weekend to-do list. You must share what you pick out! Happy weekend!

  12. Oh I love the Christmas cards! Such a great inspiration!


  13. I love the idea of displaying them all on the string hanging across the mantle. I can't wait to see what your Christmas card looks like!