Weekend Recap

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend in California. Our temperatures are finally starting to cool down and I couldn’t be more excited to bust out some of my fall jackets and wear boots without sweating half to death.


On Friday night we made pizza, watched Friends With Benefits, and opened a nice bottle of wine. This has started to become our Friday night trend and I have to say I love it. Also – for the pizza we make, I buy Trader Joe's dough and it’s literally the best pizza dough I’ve ever had. 

Saturday morning I took another soul survivor class. I’ve never taken an exercise class like soul that I actually feel like I need to go to. It's like my dose of therapy for the week.

That night I went out with some girlfriends – a first actual night on the town for my friend Dawn who is a new mommy. Joel, her husband, and new baby Max stayed at home watching the games while we did a martini tour of Venice.

We always have to come visit about an hour before we are planning to leave so that I can ensure that I get as much baby time as possible. Their little guy Max is about the cutest thing in the world.

We had dinner at The Tasting Kitchen which is a beautiful restaurant, but the food was underwhelming. It didn’t really matter because we were there more for the drinks and company.


On Sunday Roscoe and I went on a little puppy date. We met up with our new friends Kyle and Crispin and then had breakfast in Brentwood.


After errands on Sunday, we laid low, drank a bunch of tea in bed, and all 3 of us passed out at 9 that night.


This should be a pretty good week. I’m planning on going to a private showing of The Hunger Games on Wednesday and can barley contain my excitement. Other than that, I’ll be planning Chicago outfits and trying to keep my diet clean before the first holiday of the season.

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  1. You always have the best sounding weekends!

  2. You're lucky it's colder there. It was getting cold here then today comes and it's 82 degrees! We made a homemade pizza friday night too and used Publix pizza dough but I've heard Trader Joe's has good dough too!

  3. I was literally going to say the exact same thing as the first comment up there! Seriously, your weekends always sound like so much fun. :)

  4. Love the TJs dough! I haven't found a single kind like it! You look like a natural with that baby! :)

  5. Aww Roscoe!! :)

    Jealous you're seeing Hunger Games! I might not see it until this coming weekend or after.

  6. That picture of Joel and Roscoe is TOO precious!