Roscoe wouldn't fit under the seat on the plane, so he sat on my lap for the entire 4 hour flight.

Thank god for on-board cocktails.

I don't care if that flight was 8 hours, because it took me to all of my best friends back in Chicago. We laughed over pizza and wine and it felt like I was finally home.

I took many more pictures last night on my real camera (gasp!), so I'll upload them when I'm back in California next week.

Until then , I'm going to savor every last ounce of Chicago and everyone in it.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.


  1. aw have fun! im jealous. your plane ride looked decent too with that champs. i hate when they dont have champagne. united needs to get with it!

  2. Glad to hear your flight went well! Have a great thanksgiving!!