Did you see this hashtag all over Instagram last night? Laura at Hollywood Housewife started the trend, and at my last count there were almost 5,000 pictures posted in the thread.

The gist of the hashtag was to take pictures throughout your day that don't require posing, props, or anything outside of the ordinary. Instagram, for me at least, is the place where I post decently interesting things; the glass of champagne I'm drinking, a new restaurant I'm eating at, or a cute baby I'm holding. 

I don't post pictures of our condo's laundry room, the vitamins I take in the morning, or the dog toys scattered all over my house.

But, today, with the hashtag #onedayHH, women just shared the mundane - and did it all throughout the day. I managed to get a good amount of shots posted, and I figured I would share here too, because what it taught me was that even on the most boring of days there are blessings everywhere.

My current breakfast routine: Irish oatmeal with a banana and a cup of coffee

I took an amazing Soul Cycle class today at 8:30. Angela may be sliding in as my new teacher at the Brentwood location. Her words inspire me all week long.

Over Thanksgiving is my only chance to give friends & family gifts in person, so I wrapped them up and shipped them out to Chicago. I'm hoping they make it there before I do.
By 12 I was starving and needed to get as much protein in my body as I could. An English muffin with two eggs and a side of avocado kept me full most of the afternoon.

 I'm trying to break in these shoes, because while they sure do look cute, they're pretty uncomfortable....

I work from home and today I didn't have any outside meetings - which means I'm behind the computer most of the day. 4pm is the worst hour of the day for me because I'm just anxious to get done and be done for the night. 

 Hannah, my sister was randomly asked to model on the Steve Harvey show today. They needed a blonde model under 5'3, and she fits the bill coming in at a mean 5'1". How cute does she look? The segment was all about how to style winter jackets and should premiere in a week or two. I'll keep you posted!

We were supposed to play tennis but we weren't able to get a court, so we took a walk in our neighborhood to pick up California Chicken Cafe and some ice cream...

The ultimate oxymoron 


  1. I love "day in the life"-type posts! Documenting what we really are up to instead of just posting the perfect food or another goddamned red cup is really refreshing :)

  2. Glad you posted this because I was wondering what #HH mean't!

  3. I was wondering what you were doing over that day. haha

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