Brides, and Birthdays, and Baby Showers OH MY!

We had a weekend PACKED with celebrations - which started promptly on Friday at 5pm. My best friend from college, Sara, and her boyfriend Sean got engaged!!

Sara had helped Joel pick out my engagement ring almost 3 years ago now, and so Sean felt it was only fair to loop me in on the surprise. I have been holding onto the secret for 2 months now and it has been killing me, so I couldn't have been more excited when it was finally official. They are such a perfect couple, I just can't even imagine the fun we have ahead! 

Super early on Saturday morning, Joel, Roscoe and I drove down to San Diego to celebrate my sister-in-law and baby Sullivan! Her sisters threw an adorable shower and I was so happy to be included in the day.


I think I've talked about my undying love for Corie before, but she is just such a gem and I feel really, really lucky to have her in my life, and I can't wait to meet Sulley and watch her become a mom.


And while we were busy celebrating, some of the boys were help Andrew finish up their house. They're building a new home and they are anxious to move in, so Joel tried his best at a little handiwork to help the process along. 


It took us a long three hours to get home on Saturday, so we made a pit stop at In and Out burger, watched Divergent (soooo good) and went to bed super early to prepare for the next day of festivities...

Joel's Birthday Party!!!

We spent the day at Golden Road Brewery which is in the valley in Glendale and it was SO awesome.

There were tables outside that were first come, first serve, so we set up shop, added some Vols-colored balloons, and ordered a bunch of pitchers of beer.

The brewery sometimes holds tours, but they weren't that day, and we didn't seem to mind. They also served really great food, so everyone had lunch, drank beer, and hung out. Besides it being really freaking hot, it was awesome. 


 We have some seriously awesome friends, and I just love each one of them so much. We got so lucky.

 A group of us came back to our house afterwards to order pizza (totally blew my 16 days of no-carbs, but it was so damn good), drank wine, played a few board games, and then called it quits. 

Joel's official birthday is on Thursday and he is running an Ultra Marathon (50k) in the mountains on Saturday to celebrate. *This is not how I celebrate, not even close, but to each their own.

After the marathon, we're going to celebrate his birthday again since he is giving up sugar and alcohol until then. **He's a nut


  1. What a fun baby shower and I love the banner in the succulents! Happy Birthday to Joel and glad you get to celebrate all week long :)

  2. Tess, you look amazing!! Happy birthday to Joel :)