Christmas Recap

I thought I loved holidays....but now with a baby....my heart could barely take it. Christmas Eve started early for Joel and my dad so they could get in line at Santa Monica seafood to load up on live Lobster for dinner that night. They were 40th in line by 7:15am but got what they came for so we were happy as could be.

While they were gone I prepped the breakfast casseroles for Christmas day so that I didn't have to think about getting them done, and once Joel got home, we tagged team to get ready and we were at my parents condo a little after noon to start the day of celebrations! 

We spent most of the day at their house dancing, drinking good champagne, playing games and just enjoying being together. Leo has brought such an extra layer of joy to our family and we all seriously just sit and watch him and trade off kissing him like crazy people.  


 My cousins Erin and Danny joined us for dinner and we sat down for dinner right around 6pm. 

Joel killed it again and made 9 perfectly cooked lobsters  not an easy feat...especially considering we are in a rental with only 2 pots big enough to cook these massive things.


We paired them with a mushroom and truffle raviolli and asaparagus and ate like kings on Christmas Eve.

My sisters have been so amazing and every night stick Leo in the ergo carrier so Joel and I can eat with both hands (a true luxury these days). Them being here has seriously been such a vacation for US!  

We exchanged our Christmas Eve gifts (pajamas) and Joel and I left early to get Leo tucked in before Santa made his first grand appearnce at our house. 

Joel and I sat on the couch that night with a glass of wine and just listened to Christmas music and looked at the tree thankful beyond words for our biggest gift this year. 

Christmas morning the three (four, including Roscoe) opened up our family christmas presents, had coffee and cinnamon rolls, and then made it to church before my family joined us for brunch. 


We were all spoiled rotten....especially Mr. Leo.....



  1. Your Christmas Eve feast sounds amazing! I love that your sisters carried around Leo in the ergo! Looks like it was a great first Christmas for the little man!

  2. What a wonderful tradition to have on Christmas Eve! And it looks like Leo had a wonderful first holiday. So much love :)