Our decked halls...

Few things excite me more then pulling out our Christmas decorations boxes from the closet every year. 


As a kid, my Mom's Christmas decorations somehow made the season that much more special, so this year, I tried to think about Christmas decorations through Leo's eyes.

 Since our open shelving unit is new to us this year, I had fun finding a way to make it a little more festive. I made this garland for under $10 dollars using all sort of goodies at Michael's and a $2 string of lights from Target and I think it makes such an awesome addition - and looks even more festive at night. 

The only other new decoration I picked up this year (besides a monogrammed "Leo" stocking), was this Santa advent calendar from PBK. I like that it's sort of an active decoration, and once I stopped getting creeped out by the long red man on the back of our front door, it became one of my new favorites.

I put a mini tree in Leo's room, and swapped out all of the candles and soaps in the house, and called it a day. Its festive but not over the top and we just love coming home at night to all of the lights on....there really is something special about this season.

ha ha ..... love it!


  1. I love cozy Christmas decor. You've done a beautiful job- not too much but still very festive!

  2. Everything looks perfect. The lights are what really makes it magical, I agree!

  3. I love that you put a mini tree in Leo's room! Oliver doesn't sleep in his yet but next year I'm definitely going to do the same!
    Ally - Life as I know it

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