Thursday Thoughts

::: Leo rolled over for the first time on Monday, December 7th at 10.5 weeks old! He did it three times and then this morning he did it again! I think it may have been more than a fluke, so it looks like we have a roller on our hands!

::: Same day - same excitement level - I finalllly finished my pregnancy scrapbook! Praise the lord that task is over! It was super time consuming, but I did it all on Shutterfly and it should be here in just about two weeks. I know I'll cherish it but I'm so glad that its done!

::: Next task that I'm ready to finish is picking and ordering prints from our newborn shoot. That job HAS to get done this week, so I'm hoping that I can crank it out over a nap period and get them picked up this week. My mom comes this weekend and I know my time will be a lot more limited when she is here, so I'm using that as my deadline date.

::: I love our annual Christmas cookie exchange but holy hell have I eaten more cookies this week than I have over the last 9 months. My pants feel tighter now than they did 2 months ago! I'm really hoping the new year brings some clean eating motivation because I am majorly slacking in that department.

::: One of my least favorite tasks ever is cleaning out pictures on my iphone. It gives me such anxiety...I think that's one of the main reasons I keep up this blog so that I have some place to put all of the random pictures that take up too much room on my phone!

::: I have no idea what I want for Christmas because I mainly want everything but don't really need anything. I mean, new sunglasses would be fun, a new wardrobe is necessary, a day at the spa sounds nice, gift cards for workout classes could be useful, new boots are needed, a new necklace that I can wear everyday to replace my current one, diamonds would be great.....poor Joel

::: Joel had to work from home two days this week because his office lost power and their server got all goofed up, so we got the added bonus of having him here. I'm not sure he loved it....mainly the Christmas music that plays non stop, but it was so nice to be able to walk the dog without trugging along the stroller - AND I got to run to the grocery store solo over nap time! I mean, we were living!

::: I cannot watch the news for one more second. My heart breaks every time I turn it on. The shooting in San Bernadino has me, yet again, yearning to find a bubble and never leave it.

::: I'm not sure I really care to have a picture with Santa and Leo together. Is that bad? I don't think we really had any of my sisters and I growing up, and we seemed to manage just fine. I guess if I find one without a 3 hour line, I may be convinced but it's not high on my list.

Embrace it with both arms.:


  1. I'm so creeped out by Mall Santas, I say pass if you're not dying to go.

    And yes, once you find a bubble in which to live, let's figure out a way to connect our bubbles so we can clink drinks but never actually go out into the world.

  2. It is so exciting you finished your pregnancy scrapbook! I finished the albums for Christmas, and I felt like I had really accomplished something. Picking pictures from the newborn shoot should be fun! The ones you shared on the blog are beautiful!

  3. Congrats to Leo on rolling over! That's such a big milestone :) I never finished Spencer's scrapbook, but I think I might order one from Shutterfly!

  4. I was about to leave a comment in regards to Santa, then I had to stop myself bc I don't have a baby and I don't know how I would feel about it either haha!! Yay for a solo grocery run :)

  5. I feel ya on the overindulging! I lost tons of weight right after Oliver was born and the scale is quickly rising again! I don't care about a Santa pic either, he'll either be sleeping or crying, so I doubt it will turn out very good anyways!
    Ally- Life as I know it

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