Leo - Month 2

Weight:  You are growing nice and steady! At your 2 month appointment you weighed in at 10lbs 3oz (4th%) and were 22.5in tall (17th%)
Clothes: Most of your newborn clothes have been phased out, and you are pretty much filling out 0-3month and 3months clothes. I absolutely love picking out your outfit in the morning, and you wear a lot of stripes, just like your mommy.
Sleep:  You are a great sleeper! This month you take your last bottle (4.5oz) at 7:45ish, and once you get down to bed around 8:15, you sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning! You take 2 long naps a day, and 2-3 cat naps which you typically get in the stroller if we are out and about or in a carrier at night.

Schedule: No two days are the same, but right now you are waking up between 6-7am, eating, and then giving us about an hour of playtime/alertness before you start to fuss and are ready to go back down again. We pretty much follow that loose schedule during the day, but try to line up a 4:45 feeding and a 7:45 final feeding after your bath, as best we can.

Health:  I took you in to the doctor this month for a bit of a cold. I probably overreacted just a bit, since you really only had a runny nose for a few days, but it was nice to get the doctors reassurance that it was nothing more than your first little cold. We'll keep the rest of those at bay, and just be thankful for your perfect health. 
Crying: You cry....Wearing you and your pacifier are my best friends.
Feeding:  You are a really good eater and breastfeeding is still going really well for us. You feed 6-7 times a day, and take 1 bottle (4.5oz) at night. Right now, you will nurse for 12-25 minutes depending on the time of day.
Likes:  You love a mirror! It's pretty hysterical to watch you, and you are very taken with your moose stroller toy. You love lights, being in a carrier and your pacifier.
Dislikes: MUCH to my dismay, we haven't gotten you to really enjoy the swing. I'm hoping to change that soon here because it would be a big help. You hate to be cold and when hats cover your eyes.
Milestones:  Your neck is getting so strong and your doctor even commented that you are starting to prepare to get your crawl on! How is that possible?!? You track items really well, coo all day and give us big, gummy smiles that melt our heart. 
Places You’ve Gone:  We're busy buddy! This month you went on your first hike, to church twice, and you saw your first movie in a movie theater!
Visitors: Your mimi and Grandpa Shields came in from Chicago over Thanksgiving and pretty much held you for 5 straight days. You were so good with them, and they fed you bottles and even babysat so we could escape for a few hours. Uncle Andrew came up from San Diego to meet you as well - but your cousin was sick so had to stay back, so we will meet him in December. 
Postpartum:  After getting the all clear to exercise, I've been trying to get in a run or two a week, and they're hard but feel so, so good. On Thanksgiving I ran the 5k turkey trot. I went slow, but ran the whole thing except for the hills and went for an easy hike the next day. It feels nice to be getting back to myself.

Roscoe: Roscoe really loves you, and every time you cry, he is the first person running to your side to make sure you are being tended to. Roscoe follows us around all day and seems to enjoy having a little brother ;)


  1. He's really growing! I can't wait for Oliver's 2 month appointment next week to see how much he weighs. We're not too big on the swing here either! I don't get it, he loves being rocked but not by the swing! Thats insane Leo could be crawling soon! Slow down little man!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I just love reading these posts. My little girl is almost 2 and brings me back to when she was a new baby. You sound like you are doing fantastic at this mommy thing! Keep up the good work! If he doesn't like his swing, try getting a vibrating bouncer seat. That worked for us.

  3. Two months. Holy cow! He's a mini Joel in that pic!!