Birthday Party Recap


I had really wanted to have a fall/Halloween party for Leo's 2nd birthday, so we decided to have his little party two weeks after his actual birth date. I really liked spacing it out too, because it gave us a chance to celebrate his actual birthday as just a family, and then celebrate with friends and family a little later.

For his party, I kept it really easy. Mainly family came by on Saturday from 10-1pm, and we served coffee, mimosas, bagels, quiche, fruit, and pumpkin cupcakes! And I made life extra easy with fun paper plates and cups.


The entire idea of the party was to keep it simple and have fun, so I set up a few activities for the kids, tried to find cheap and easy decorations, and just enjoy each other's company. I just can't do fussy children's parties so it was a pretty simple morning. 

We set up an extra long table in the dining room for people to sit down and eat, and I set out face masks for kids to color with out in the dining room too.


In the playroom I had movies going and set up a little pumpkin decorating station for everyone to decorate a pumpkin and then take it home as part of a favor. This turned out to be a huge hit....the kids loved it and the stickers I found at Hobby Lobby stuck to the pumpkins really well.  

Of course, as soon as people started coming through the doors, I totally forgot to snap any pictures. Thankfully my sisters got a few cute ones!


And as luck would have it - the gloomy day stayed perfect until the party wrapped up and then the storms came out. It gave all the kids a chance to run off their cupcakes outside and hopefully nap well for their parents afterwards. 



Joel and I cleaned up the party while Leo napped - and then we were treated to a night out by his parents! It was such a treat to get out of the house after hosting and just have a good time. We met friends out to watch the cubs game and then grabbed a pizza on the way home. 

It was a perfect Saturday and this guy was spoiled with lots and lots of love, toys and cake! 


  1. Such a fun party and yay for an evening out!

  2. Looks like it was so fun! You did it right to not stress the small stuff! And your in laws are amazing!

  3. SO much fun!! Happy Birthday again sweet Leo. And you look amazing Tess!

  4. Adorable! Love the dual theme. Happy Birthday, Leo!

  5. I'm having Luke's birthday party on Saturday and we are doing a Halloween theme too! I might have to steal that pumpkin decorating idea!