Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend over here. It hit that perfect balance of relaxing, productive, and fun - so you really can't ask for much more than that. 

We have school on Friday mornings, which is one of Leo's favorite days of the week, so it always kick starts our weekend off right.


Friday afternoon, Leo and I walked to my parents house, Joel picked us up on his way home from dinner, and we just hung out. We decided to do baths, catch up on our DVR, and sort of fend for dinner. 

Saturday mornings are my favorite morning of the week. We let Leo come cuddle in bed with us when he wakes up and watch a show, and then Joel takes him downstairs and they bring me up coffee and breakfast. It is heavenly - and this week they decided to go to Menards afterwards so I got an extra long session and it allowed me to finish my book (more to come on that later). 

We took a walk to my parents house when they got home and then I spent the entire afternoon with my parents helping them pack their kitchen. They are moving into their dream home this Wednesday so it's all hands on deck.

I got home at 5, threw together a salad and some dessert, and we walked down the street to our neighbors to grill burgers and hang with them.

We really lucked out in the neighbor department. I've been family friends with my girlfriend for years and years and she and her family just recently moved back to CL too, so it's been perfect having them a stone's throw away.

Plus, they have a 15 week old baby girl, so I anticipate lots and lots of Saturday nights with them for years to come. 

Sunday was perfect. It was cold, rainy, and our plans for the day were to spend time with family, carve pumpkins, and make dinner. 

Leo wasn't the biggest fan of the slime, but we had fun doing them anyhow. The football game was on, I got to light all of my fall candles...it was pretty close to perfection for me!

And they're the perfect little addition to our front porch (I'm just hoping deer and chipmunks leave them be for the next two weeks!). 


I made my mom's family famous lasagna that was SO good, we had baked apples for dessert, and then sent the girls on their way back into the city. 


This week is going to be crazy getting my parents moved but I'm SO excited for them and cannot wait to spend lots and lots of time at their new casa. 

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  1. Can't believe they're already moving in! So exciting!