Weekly Menu

Thai Meatballs with Pre-Bagged Asain Salad // Kale Salad // Chicken Pitas and Sweet Potato Fries // Pumpkin Turkey Chili with the best corn casserole ever!
 I really do enjoy putting dinner on the table during the week. The whole process - meal planning/grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning....it can be a hassle - there is no doubt - but there is something about the fall and winter season that allows me to enjoy it again. I don't have fun with it during the summer months I've officially decided. 

I also am finding that I feel better physically and mentally right now staying busy, so I'm trying to keep my afternoons filled with productive tasks - like making dinner. 

I cook a pretty consistent 20 or so recipes, but I'm constantly looking for new and easy recipes and pretty much only use Pintrest or Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers as my sources! 

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  1. Your meals always look SO good. I'm majorly jealous of your cooking abilities!!

  2. Awesome! I am always inspired by what others post too! I have been in a rut lately!

  3. Please try the website (and Instagram) Damn Delicious. You will LOVE her easy weeknight recipies and great ideas for your family gatherings!!