Bumpdate: 28 weeks - HELLO 3rd TRIMESTER!

How Far Along? 28w6d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: didn't get on this week but I'm guessing 16/17lbs

Maternity Clothes:  Same....in maternity pants and select normal shirts for the most part. My workout clothes have been fine but I'm probably ruining them.

Nursery: Nothing.....eek! Now that Leo's birthday party is behind us, it's our next big thing. We are getting a few things from my sister-in-law this weekend, borrowing a crib in the next few weeks from my cousin, doing an Ikea trip and having a sprinkle that should help motivate some movement in this department!

Movement: YES - and lots. I love it, even though it happens 24 hours a day - and oftentimes on my bladder.

Symptoms: Walks are getting harder. I get some pretty solid round ligament pains during my walks that really slow my pace and lately have been forcing me to stop in my tracks. I remember them happening with Leo but I thought it was closer to 33/34 weeks. 
If I don't have to bend down, I won't. It seems to take longer to regulate my breath when I'm relaxing/sitting. I think it's just the weight on my lungs, but I take these like deep deep breaths...It's kind of annoying. 

Sleep: Pretty good this week. I fall asleep instantly and try really hard to not look at my phone when I get up to use the bathroom (2ish times/night).

Joel: Was a huge help at Leo's 2nd birthday party - and was really appreciative of what I did to pull it together too which was nice. We were able to go on TWO dates this past week which was a treat, and we both feel like we should be doing that as often as we can before the baby comes and date night takes a backseat for a while.

 Workouts:  Was able to get to yoga and kickboxing, take a really long walk with Joel and Leo on Sunday, and fit in a few other walks throughout the week as well. The weather has been just beyond fantastic, so we are still able to walk most days at least once, if not twice. CocoPop (my parents) live just under a mile, so they're a great destination in the afternoon to walk over to and just pop in and say hi.

Mood/Mental State:REALLY good. I had a great doctors appointment on Monday that really reassured me and made a different in my mental state all week long.

Cravings: Holy cow, after I found out that I passed my glucose test last Tuesday, I sort of went hog wild on all. the. treats. On Tuesday after the nurse called to tell me that my results were normal, I had to treat myself to an apple cider donut, and then Joel came home with a pint of ice cream as a celebratory treat which was sweet but sweet. Then with Leo's birthday....we hit the sweets WAY too hard this week.

What I Miss: My energy and mimosas.

Random Things: We had Leo's 2nd birthday party which was the first time a lot of my family had seen me since my belly has really made its appearance so that was really fun seeing everyone and getting excited.

Best Moment of the Week:  Finding out I passed the 1hr glucose test and celebrating Leo's 2nd birthday party.

Looking Forward To: A healthy week, less sugar, and a weekend in Iowa with Joel's brother's family.


  1. In the first picture, where is your jacket from? It looks so cozy.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Do you happen to know the brand?

    2. Yes, it's BNCI (I think $45ish). If you find it, wash it before wearing because it was SUPER pilly over my workout clothes.

  3. Yay for passing the glucose test and everything going well! You're looking great too!