Bumpdate: 27 weeks


How Far Along? 27w6d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: 14.5lbs/13 at doctor

Maternity Clothes:  Same....in maternity pants and select normal shirts for the most part.

Nursery: Nothing.....eek! I'm planning on getting it done in October/November.

Movement: YES - and lots - and sometimes I can feel multiple places at the same time. The doctor said that now is the time to keep an eye on movement and that I should be feeling 10 kicks by dinner time - which, thankfully, I feel 10 kicks every 10 minutes.

Symptoms: My allergies have cleared for the most part which has been great! Overall, nothing this week - just getting bigger.

Sleep: Not amazing, not horrific.

Joel:  He crossed a major "before baby item" got checked off and I'm so excited! Our fireplace is up and running! I really, really wanted fake logs for our fireplace so that we could actually use the dang thing, and after getting two quotes from contractors....Joel did it himself! It was really easy since our fireplace was basically set to go, and we enjoyed the best fire on Saturday night. I'm already envisioning lots of cozy cuddles all winter long with TWO babies!

Workouts:  Made it to kickboxing but had to miss yoga due to Leo's 2 year check up. We also biked into downtown Crystal Lake on Saturday and it will be the last bike ride I haul Leo for more than a mile until this baby is out of me. It nearly killed me and I happily accepted a car ride home! Lots of walks too.

Mood/Mental State: I was anxious before my doctors appointment, which is just the way my body reacts. It's so obnoxious and so exhausting but it is what it is.

Cravings: I'm kind of getting excited for Halloween candy!

What I Miss: Not being tired in the afternoons.

Random Things: Can't think of anyhting

Best Moment of the Week:  A fantastic 28 week doctors appointment. Everything looked great, my stomach is growing right on track (and was 29cm), babe's heart rate clocked in at 144bpm, and I took my glucoa test, got my flu shot, and got my whooping cough shot too. They sent me on my way for another 4 weeks :)

Looking Forward To: Leo's 2nd birthday party, passing the glucose test, and really focusing on my gratitude for a healthy pregnancy.

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  1. I'm so glad that everything is going well! I also love your fireplace; so cozy!