Drew - Month 5


Weight: My guess would be around 12lbs
Clothes: Still rocking mostly 3-6 months, and some 6 month dresses. Size 2 diapers still too.
Nicknames: Drewbie, Drew Drew, Sloopy, Princess
Sleep:  Another amazing month of night time sleep. Thank you for being so good to us in this department. You are consistently asleep from 6:30/6:45pm-6:30/6:45am.
Schedule: I am SO much more lax with you than I was with Leo. It's honestly just impossible for us to have a strict morning schedule, and I'm just ok with that for this round.

6:30am- Feed, up and I also pump after this feeding for 10 minutes
 8:30am- cat nap in the swing normally or if we are walking
10:30am- Feed
10:30-1:00pm - play/cat naps while we are out and about
12:30/1:00pm - Feed
1:30pm-3:30pm -Nap
3:45pm- Feed/play/bath
5:00pm-5:45pm- Cat nap 50% of the time
6:45pm-Feed and bed by 7:00pm
Health:  We are SO thankful for your perfect health
Crying:  You are LOUD. You go from zero to sixty fast, but for the most part, are easy to please.
Feeding: Well, even though you don't love taking bottles from other people - when I left you and Leo for 4 days in California, you got used to it. Basically, the trick is - you have to be hungry enough to take a bottle, and then you'll do it. Typically when I'm nursing, you eat 5 times a day, but while I was gone, you were getting 4, 8ounce bottles. 

In order to maintain my supply while I was in California, I pumped (on the plane, in the seat, no less). It was kind of a hassle but, was worth it. I froze the milk that I pumped while I was in California, brought an ice pack, and carried it home with me frozen.
Likes: You are a happy, happy girl. You love people, love Leo and Roscoe, like to chew on anything, love sucking your thumb (which is so cute), love baths, sitting in your bumbo, and have recently been liking your activity gym too.
You're truly a delight and just love life. 
Dislikes: You don't love your carseat.
Milestones:  You started rolling back to tummy about 3 weeks ago and now will roll and roll and roll back and forth and basically get across the room. You are trying to sit, but I think you still have a few more weeks until you're there. 

Your laugh has gotten SO much sweeter this month, you mimic us when we blow our lips, and you love to sing songs too.
Places You’ve Gone:  You didn't get to join, but I escaped for three nights for my birthday. A quick visit to California was much needed and I was so happy that you and Leo did so great with all of our helpers.  
Postpartum: My workouts are getting better and I'm getting back to my old endurance. I did two Yoga Sculpt classes while I was in California, did some Orange Theory, and am trying to get back up to running 4 miles. The scale isn't really budging, but it's on my mind.
Leo: I stand by the fact that watching the two of you together is one of my life's greatest joys. My favorite moment of the day is when you're laying on the ground, typically after breakfast time, and Leo will be just playing around the house. Some mornings I'll catch him coming up to you, holding your hand, talking in this sweet baby voice, and just loving on you. It's absolutely heart wrenching and I'm so excited to see you two grow up together. 

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