Five on Friday

::: Glossier Cloud Paint :::

Cloud Paint Duo contains two Cloud Paints.

I went with puff and beam 

I have always loved a liquid blush - and this one is my new favorite. I like both colors that I got - I ended up going with the sample pack (for $30) in order to determine my favorite color, but I couldn't tell you which one I like better! They go on so smooth and easy, they stay on, and a little bit goes a long way.

::: 2 :::

I don't know if I've shared this - but I made a twist on Liz Adam's mushroom turkey burgers - I added thawed frozen spinach, and they were SO good.

So easy, really filling, healthy and quick to make! I would highly recommend! 

::: 3 ::: 

Image result for a chance in this world
My book club last week had a really cool opportunity to facetime with the author, Steve Pemberton, of A Chance in this World. The book is incredible .... I actually listened to it on Audible which I loved because it's Steve who is reading it. The book is incredibly inspiring, motivating, and heart wrenching. 

::: 4 ::: 

The weather has FINALLY turned here in Chicago and I am ALLLLLLLLLL about it! It's been SO nice to get outside, take some wagon rides, play on the swing set, go for walks.....life is GOOD when it's not 15 degrees outside! 

::: 5 ::: 

The kids have spring break this week, and so a few family friends and us are renting a house in Galena while the kids are off school. We are SO excited for a fun trip with friends! We plan to hike, hit up a few cute breweries, maybe do some bowling, swimming, and anything else we can do while enjoying mimosas with our dear friends! 

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