Weekend Recap

We had kind of shitty week last week.

On Monday, I woke up, and instantly knew that I was barely going to be able to make it from my bed to the sink to brush my teeth. I felt like total shit. I begged Joel to stay home that morning, just to give me a few hours to see if I could power through it after dayquil and some extra sleep, but at 10am, I was still feeling like crud, so he took the whole day off to tend to the kids.

Thank God.

Tuesday morning, Joel woke up feeling like total shit. I wasn't out of the woods, by any means, but I at least felt like I could rally to be with the kids. Joel stayed home from work, stayed in bed most of the day, and I did my best to keep the babes happy until our babysitter showed up.

Joel and I both felt better on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, after parent teacher conferences, decided to go out for a date. It was lovely - at one of our all time favorite spots....but something I ate bothered me, and at 3am I woke up and was violently ill. Not fun - but thankfully, after I got it out of my system, I was ok.

Friday, all was seemingly normal, and we went to my parents for happy hour/dinner. When we got over there, Leo started chattering - looked really white - and then over an hour just totally nose dived. I took him home before dinner - stuck him in bed with gatorade and a movie - checked his temp (103.9), and basically decided that this week was just shit. 

Thankfully, Saturday morning, he had slept through the night, woke up with a much lower fever and actually felt great, and we were able to salvage most of the weekend. I went to the gym Saturday morning, hit up the grocery store, and then went to my moms house for happy hour with my sister.

That night, my girlfriend Jenna and her husband Zach came to spend the night with us. We made tacos and once the kids were in bed played darts for hours. 

We had such a blast and basically fell into bed.

Sunday morning - Jenna and I snuck away for a dance class at my gym - my MOST favorite class of the entire week - and then came home to hang for a cup of coffee before they headed out.

Joel and I did a few things around the house....we hung oars in Leo's room, and brought a new couch base down to the basement. I had stopped at a garage sale at a local preschool on Saturday and had bought that red bookshelf for FIVE dollars along with a puzzle organizer for THREE dollars, and literally felt like I had won the lottery. 

 (*pretty cool note about these oar's: my mom found that at an antique shop in Lake Geneva, Wi. and we used them at my wedding and my baby shower for Leo. Now they hang in my 3year old son's room.....insane).  

We spent the rest of the day with my sisters, we walked, had drinks, talked, and just hung out before we ordered pizza and they went back on their way.

I will say, as much as it sucks to get used to the new time change - I am SO happy to have the sun shining at 6pm. It gave me SUCH a pep in my step tonight, I cannot even tell you! I am ready for you Spring!!!!!!! 


  1. Dang that's awful but so glad your weekend turned things around. Lucky little Drew not getting it!!!

  2. So glad you guys are feeling better—something is definitely going around. SO ready for spring too. Can't wait for some warmer temps. OH those oars. Can't wait to talk your ear off of all things LG ;)

  3. There has been so much going around; we’re hopefully recovering from a round of something too. I’m so ready for spring and hopefully an end to winter colds/flu!!!

  4. Yes to Spring! It renews my spirit too! Glad you are all on the mend!!