Drew - Month 14

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Weight: +20lbs?

Clothes: You are pretty much in 18mth clothes now, size 4 shoe and size 4 diapers

Nicknames: Drewbie, Drewbs, and Drewbo, and now, after Mexico "princessa" 
Sleep: We dropped your morning nap last month....and then we added it back in. When we dropped it, you weren't giving me any longer of an afternoon nap (only 90 minutes), and it was a fight to get you to 1pm, so for now, we're still doing two shorter naps. The morning one is about 40 minutes, with your afternoon nap still about 90.

7:15am - We wake you up most mornings with an 7oz bottle
8am - breakfast
10:30am - morning nap
11:15am - up, playtime, bath, snack, etc.
12pm - lunch 
  1:45pm - 3:00pm - Nap
3:15 - snack and some milk in a sippy cup
3:30-5pm - play
5:30/6pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Bottle, normally 6-7oz
7pm - Bed
Health:  Our health for most of the month was perfect, thank God! We all are working through a cold right now - the first one that really knocked me down, too, which isn't fun - but we're getting through. I was keeping my fingers crossed that we all stayed healthy while on vacation, and since we did, I'm okay to rally through this cold at the comfort of our house.
 Crying: You are a lovely little happy baby - but you now know when to use your cries for what you want. Or, what you don't. It's actually pretty darn cute and funny. We are all pretty much mush in your hands.
Feeding: You love food - and you are still a great eater for me. You've mastered all straws which is great for smoothies and water bottles, you like most vegetables, most fruit, most proteins, and all the carbs.

Likes: This month, you've really started to love music. You love to play music, you love to dance to music, and you love to sing to music. We love it. 

You loved the pool, sand, being outside, playing with water toys, and meeting allllll the boys ;)
Dislikes: Not much. Even diaper changes are getting easier.
Milestones:  Now that you are walking, running, trying to jump, and twerking - we've got to start working on animal sounds and talking! 

Mama, Dada, Baba, are all VERY clear, and this month you've also started to say: brother, ni-ni, wa-wa, hi, bye bye, car, and possibly book.
You understand a lot - you try to put on your shoes, talk on the phone, brush your hair, hold your own spoon.....it's wild how quick you're growing.
Places You’ve Gone: We went on your first international vacation to Mexico! You were an expert traveler, so flexible, so easy, and so fun. We loved showing you one of our favorite places in the entire world and you and your brother were so, SO happy to be there.
Leo:   You guys are truly the best of friends and have such a special bond, it might be the best thing in the entire world for me to see.

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