Drew - Month 15

I literally feel like I just wrote her 14 month update - HOW DOES TIME KEEP MOVING FASTER?

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Weight: 22lbs (58%), I think it was like 33 inches? You were in the 78% for height!

Clothes: You are pretty much in 18mth clothes now, size 4 shoe and size 4 or 5 diapers

Nicknames: Drewbie, Drewbs, and Drewbo, DD, "princessa" 

Sleep: We are trying again to drop your morning nap - you've been doing great this week and been going down around 12:45 and sleeping until about 3 which is perfect! 

7:15am - We wake you up most mornings with an 7oz bottle
8am - breakfast
10:30am - playtime 
11:15am - up, playtime, bath, snack, etc.
11:30am - lunch 
12:45pm - 3:00pm - Nap
3:15 - snack and some milk in a sippy cup
3:30-5pm - play
5:30/6pm- Dinner
6:30pm-Bottle, normally 6-7oz
7pm - Bed

Health:  You've had a little runny nose this week but overall - you've had perfect health and we are always thankful for that. 

 Crying: You are our happy little thing - but you will cry if you want something and you aren't getting it. Yesterday, you started crying in front of Leo because he was having a snack and you weren't, and I sat back laughing, because he would give you a pretzel, and then you would be happy, and two minutes later, come back to him, start crying, and then he would eventually give in and give you a pretzel. 

You have us all wrapped around your little finger my girl. 

Feeding: You love food and you're still a great eater. The one thing that is different from Leo to you is that you LOVE pouches. I can get any food pouch into you - which is awesome and super handy! 

Likes: This month you've really started to love books. You light up when I read stories to you, and you love to turn the pages and bring different books to anyone who is willing to read to you. 

You love being outside, you love your brother, you love balls, you love music and dancing, and you love being around people.
Dislikes: I honestly can't think of anything. You're delightful. 

Milestones:  New words this month: papa, grandpa, ball, ro-ro (for roscoe), and I think we heard you say "bubbles" when we were at the gym, which is what we say when you sanitize your hands. 

Places You’ve Gone: We were home for most of this month, but we leave tomorrow for a little weekend getaway with friends to Galena! 

Leo: BFF's


  1. This girl is kid #goals. Ah, Galena! One of my favorite places. Have a great time!


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