Fall Fever

I got home from work with fall fever. I headed straight to Target to load up on all sorts of goodies to fall-ify our apartment. I had wanted to make a trip to an apple orchard, but the closest was a good 2 hours away so that dream quickly fell by the wayside.

For fifty bucks I grabbed lots of cute decorations and all of the supplies we would need to decorate cookies and paint pumpkins. I warned Joel to not make any plans for Saturday morning since I had our agenda packed in with lots of fun activities. Joel did not necessarily share in my pure excitement, but knows better than to not come in the way of my love for all holiday traditions.

Literally the second I got home from Target I walked in the door and felt like crap. Now I literally had a fall fever (clever, huh??) . My throat was scratchy, my head was clogged, and I felt weak all over. I loaded up on NyQuil, determined not to let this upset my plans, and went to bed before 9.

I woke up feeling worse, but tried to push forward. We went to Jewel to grab apples, pumpkins, and lots of cough drops. We were able to have a pretty good morning decorating cookies, painting pumpkins, decorating the apartment, and watching Tennessee sadly get their butts kicked by Georgia.

Saturday night was my cousin Liz's bachelorette party. I was able to get dressed (couldn't stand long enough to straighten my hair, but, I honestly couldn't have cared less) and headed over to her new home, and was able to stay for most of the activities. Her bridesmaid's had planned to go to a karaoke bar but I bowed out before they left because with every passing minute it was getting harder and harder to fake it. Plus, I highly doubt belting out Sir-Mix-A-Lot jams would have done much for my overall health. I slept for a good 10 hours but I'm still feeling pretty under the weather this morning.

I may go see Life As We Know It with a girlfriend but I plan to just take it easy tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow morning this cold will be on its way out.

I will say that I am thankful this cold showed its ugly face this weekend as opposed to next, since we are 4 days out from our South Carolina vacation!!

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