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I reallllllly hope you feel better than I do.

I made it through work today but it was a struggle. My cold has pretty much moved its way into my chest, making me congested and weak. It will be a slow going week but I'm determined to be in tip-top shape for South Carolina. [Which, by the way, I still don't have a dress for the wedding on Saturday]

I've broken off from my menu last week because, let's be honest, a veggie stir fry is not the kind of meal you want when you are sick on the couch. So instead, I had pretzels and grilled cheese, which fit much better.

In lieu of a food forecast, I will present you with what I wore last week.

Pretty much head to toe in Ann Taylor with a Burberry jacket

Head to Toe J.Crew

And this was for casual friday --- My office doesn't have a dress code but I personally let myself be a little extra casual come Friday's

Citizen's jeans, F21 cardi, TB Revas

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